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Nov. 26th, 2011

03:55 pm - (1237)

The Death Star had a lake inside. Darth Vader had some aircraft carriers delivered so he could drive them across the lake. I was there in a construction ship (unknown to him, I hoped), and at one point was racing (not really racing, but moving fast in parallel with) the carrier from the other side of some islands. Since it was inside the Death Star, it was very dark in there.

I was going to some kind of recall-related event, and it was in a building on the northeast side of the square. I found the building and was going up the stairwell, but someone had apparently screwed up when putting the building together, because every floor I went up, the ceiling got closer to the top step by over about 2 feet. After 2 floors there wasn't enough space to squeeze through. Fortunately I found someone who knew where I was supposed to go and directed me to a room that I could get to without going up the ridiculous stairwell. I ended up in some large room with a bit complex shape, like something I'd come up with in ZDoom. There seemed to be stadium seating along at least one wall, a wide platform in the middle where a lot more people were standing (this is where I was), some kind of gray blob hanging from the ceiling, and another blob in a pit next to the platform. People were yelling angrily (about the Governor, I think, not at each other) and there was much excitement. We made the blobs transform (as if this was some combination political rally and physics experiment/demonstration).

Outside the building I was thinking about or talking to people about some amendments to the U.S. constitution. One had already passed, but we didn't think that one would help much and were trying to get another one. I don't remember what they were, but probably something about corporate personhood and trying to get their money out of elections.

After leaving I learned that Brose lived in that building, and I wondered how he dealt with the goofed up stairway.

I ended up at my parents' house, and they told me that they had bad news and wanted me to watch something they'd seen on TV. My first thought was that some TV reporter had some video of me at the rally that would make me look really dumb. I went into the kitchen and wondered how they thought I should watch it. There weren't any tapes around. Then I realized they had a DVR and found the controller for it. I couldn't figure out how to show TV, though. I was hitting some button that I thought was input select, but it just kept flipping to different paused movies. Finally Dad came in and showed me to push some other button, and I started complaining about how dumb it was that there wasn't just an input select button. But as I was saying that I wondered if designing it that way would make the thing too complicated if you had to route video signals in more complicated ways, because each component would have to have its own input select.

Then apparently I wandered outside for a while, because I came back in through the front door. It was dark and as I reached the top of the ramp a black cat brushed by my leg. I came inside and my parents were sitting in the living room and asked me if I had seen a cat. I told them I had, and they said, "Oh, that's (some name). He wanders through our yard all the time."

I went back into the kitchen and was making myself a sandwich or something, because I was standing next to the island. I was talking to someone about having walked all the way up the stairs of the Taipei 101. That came up because I'd been talking about not being able to go all the way up the stairs in Brose's building. In my imagination the Taipei 101 was round with vertical ridges, sort of like one of the Petronas towers.

I was talking to some guy and must've mentioned moon colonies or something, because he then said "I'll wait until we can take a space highway." I thought about how that might work, and was imagining feeling the different G forces as one would feel driving along the highway as it twisted and turned through space.

And then I was back at the subway station (the station felt like in the same geographic location as the lake in the Death Star), trying to figure out which tunnel I needed to take to get to my train. A nearby electonic sign started talking and reminded me why I was there. I walked over to it just in time for it to switch into movie theater mode, in which it showed previews for various movies on a screen, and before you could pass through the gate (after which there was another tunnel with a moving walkway and a bunch of stores on each side; I could see people coming in and out and walking around I stood there) you had to wait until after the preview for the movie you were going to see was over. Since I wasn't here for movies I had to wait until all the previews were over and the thing switched back to train station mode, which was much less noisy. As I walked along the tunnel I was with someone I knew, maybe Karen Scott, and a couple of station workers. I was complaining to them about how quiet the signs were and how "das blinkenlights" didn't do anything useful when the sign was in station mode.

The tunnel led to a pair of outdoor walkways. You could pick either one and they would eventually lead back down into another tunnel, so I picked the right side (I had been on the left when it was inside the Death Star). Between the walkways was a big empty concrete area with some scattered machines, sort of like a building rooftop. A whole bunch of Walker protestors and occupiers were there walking with me, mostly silently, and we were all listening to Rachel Maddow. She was talking about how we needed a better communication network that would link every human on earth, noting that it wouldn't make much sense to try to number messages sequentially, which I took to mean that there wouldn't be any central database. And this made me want to get to work on DOGNDS.

Current Music: Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)

Nov. 21st, 2011

12:00 pm - (1236)

Friday: finished a bunch of people's drinks when we went over to the Main Despot after work. I stuck around to work on MDS stuff.

Saturday: marshalled at Walker recall rally. Went home and went running (in my new shoes!) and played TA with Fizz, who had just arrived from Colorado. Went to sleep.

Dreams from Sunday morning:

I woke up and realized that I had a cold.

Nov. 19th, 2011

01:01 am - Stupid, stupid DST (1235)

Apparently changing the time on my camera to adjust back from daylight savings time screwed caused all the existing pictures' timestamps to get reported differently, or else my importer read them differently, because now there's 2 copies of every picture I took before November 3rd on this computer (why the importer reported copying so many files had been a mystery for a few days, until I forgot about it).

I found my shampoo in the office shower after having accidentally left it there 2 or 3 months ago. There was a new sign on the door from Delta (landlords) asking people to take their bathroom stuff with them when they leave.

I still need to finish entry 1232.

Nov. 8th, 2011

01:00 pm - Joystick-controlled Van (1234)

I was living in a dorm room in Platteville and was roommates with Fizz and some other guy. For the last 2 weeks of the semester we were supposed to put up a curtain and not talk to each other so that we'd get used to being alone. The one guy who wasn't Fizz wanted my comforter and I decided he could have it since it was in kind of crappy shape, anyway. We all slept in sleeping bags on the floor.

During all this, Fizz and I were trying to coordinate around some project, and at the end I was listening to Mind.In.A.Box outside and someone asked me what the heck it was.

I was at my parents' house and someone I knew pulled up on Reetz in a van, and they said it was full of Scott Walker recall signatures. I asked a few times to verify that we had already gotten all the signatures we needed (it'd only been a couple of days since we started). I tried to take a picture of us with the van but my camera took so long to focus that it ended up pointing off at some trees by the time it took the picture. They wanted me to get in because we had to go somewhere and I could take the picture later. We went back to the street in front of the dorms to get Ben and Fizz and Jared, and everyone brought their bikes along, and then I got to drive the van to deliver the bikes while they were off doing something else. It was full of technical equipment: lots of futuristic screens and input panels and things, and driving was joystick controlled. In the front there were 2 (apparently) passenger seats on the sides, and in the middle was 'the console', which sort of wrapped around the driver and was full of buttons, and there was a video screen in the dashboard in front of that. The joystick was off to the left.

People were getting on and off at different points to get things packed, and I was supposed to deliver the bikes (and the recall petitions) somewhere. Jared remained in the van with me as we drove along a foresty road, and we came to a point that I decided we should take the one remaining bike out, but it was going to be a bit of a squeeze to get it out the back door. We were also leaving people's stuff alongside the east (I determined) side of the road as we found it because they were going to be walking this same route later.

We came to a place where there were people crossing the road willy nilly, and I was braking a bit and trying to go slow, but not as slow as I should've been going. I was trying to watch out for pedestrians on the screen, but sometimes it didn't update until they were really close, and I almost hit someone, who then got all mad and called the police, so I stopped the van.

Chief Tubbs showed up and was asking what happened, and I told him this was my first time driving the van and about having been watching the screen instead of out the actual window, and he sort of chuckled and told me that, yeah, next time I should watch where I'm going.

It occured to me later that maybe the driver was supposed to sit on the left and be separate from the guy operating the console.

Afterthoughts: An unrelated thought about A-Day reminded of the dream, so I think he might've been the other guy in the room with me and Fizz. And I think the whole van ride might've been about the trip to the Swap.

12:00 pm - dreams since 1232 (1233)

I was walking through Fitchburg along PD, which instead of boulevards and trees and residential lots was mostly farmland, and talking about windmills (we can see them to the southwest) with Andrea. There is a ramp up to a paved area with a metal railing where I'd parked my bike, and I realized someone had cut one of my cables but then given up when they realized I also had a U-lock through the wheel. I somehow figured out who had done it made him confess to it while punching him in the face and hitting him with stuff. I felt kind of terrible because he looked really sad and wasn't fighting back.

I was in some bike race or something, which went around a big loop. There was a secret route I was taking (that I had either discovered or built myself, earlier), and I told a couple of dudes about it, and they thought it sounded neat and followed me in. The secret route took us into a series of rooms. There was probably some weird topology going on in there.

Then I was playing some Mario game. It reminded me of the place in SMB3 where you can duck behind the first white block, but I think there were go-fast loops like in Sonic. I've dreamt about this game before.

There was a part where I was at a place like Glenview that I don't remember anything else about.

There was a big long valley that I was in. I realized for a bit that I could have anything happen that I wanted, so I had a couple of cities that were at opposite edges of the vally break into an artillery war.

Mid-ocean airports!

But this time there was an island nearby, and my house was on it. Down in the basement I was playing music all loud. My basement was much larger than in real life, and there were people standing around in groups, working on electrical wiring or something. There was a grid of wires strewn across the floor that made the room seem smaller. There was a long, wide staircase directly from the basement to outside, and people were working on a hillside. And on top of the hill was some sort of sparse earth-moving machine. I was climbing around inside it, and I couldn't hear the music from my basement while I was climbing through its access tubes.

Nov. 1st, 2011

12:00 am - Mahlon Mitchell (1232)

Dreams from the past half-week or so:

I found myself biking to work on a black mountain bike. I thought about this for a minute. It wasn't my green utility bike, and it wasn't my red road bike, what was this? A-ha, it's my old bike! I was excited to realize that I had it and didn't give much thought to having ever lost it or how I got it back.

Jesus appeared in California. I knew because there was an indicator sparkle on my mini-map when it happened. I was very excited because I was expecting him to lay the smack down (on all the jerks).

I was a crewmember on the TNG enterprise. I remember walking along some wide corridors, sort of like the ones along the sides of Space Ship in Junko. Mostly I was filling out forms. I think I had to join their union, too.

This morning I dreamt that I was running up and down hills along some highway between a couple of towns northish of Madison. I had already run between them in one direction and was now running back. At one point about halfway there was a really long, straight downward slope. Maybe I was biking at this point, because I remember thinking that this part would be very easy and relaxing. Closer to the more northeastern town I was driving a bus or a large truck, and one of my passengers was worried that there would be vertical drops where the road would actuall bend downward and back under itself a little bit. I imagined this and worried a bit, too, but then remembered that I had helped build this section of road, and we had done a very fine job, so there would be no such nonsense.

I ended up at a friend (maybe Andrea)'s house sort of out in the country. They may have been on a farm, but the house was in the middle of a woodsy yard (leaves overhead but mostly grass underneath, like a park). I was looking out and watching a deer in the front 'yard' when some guy, I was thinking he was my friend's cousin or brother, came driving out onto the lawn with an oversized pickup truck, trying to hit the deer. He then chased it around into to the other side of the house. I went running after him, not sure what I Was going to do when I caught up. I went between the house and the garage, and when I got to the other side I saw a car parked a few trees away from where I was standing and thought I'd go hide under it. The dream skipped ahead and I was being detained by the guy next to the parked car. He had to go inside for something and told me not to try to escape. As soon as he left I started looking at Google maps (apparently I had my laptop with me the whole time), trying to figure the shortest route back to the road. I knew I could outrun this guy and/or lose him in the forest. At first I search for 'Green Bay', then realize that's not where I was, and started searching for 'Dodgeville'. Actually I think I was more near Baraboo.

There was a black hole that I was working on a planet nearby. Some lady was working with me, but she was new and not as good at orbital maneuvers, so I told her to stay away from the black hole and let me deal with things near it.

Later we were in a room with a guy making a presentation about determining where you are in the galaxy based on the diffuse lighting on a bunch of spheres. I don't think anyone knew where Earth was.

I got onto a bus outside of Memorial on Gammon. We ended up getting out somewhere. There were steps that I was walking down, but they weren't quite even. Sometimes there'd be twice the drop as there should've been. I wanted to even them out, and needed a sledgehammer to break the blocks (the steps were made out of blocks, like in Minecraft). As I was searching for the hammer I overheard some kid getting yelled at because he was wearing a hat. I found the hammer in a locker and also a hat, which I put on, and then went to confront the guy who was yelling at the kid. He threatened me with a screwdriver. I threatened him back with the hammer.

Oct. 28th, 2011

01:00 pm - Submarine, nuclear sign post, long hose (1231)

Thursday morning I dreamt that I was on a submarine. In the middle of the night we stopped at the mouth of some bay and swam to shore where we had to dismantle part of some kind of reactor that had a street sign post on top. I twisted the sign post too far and several feet of pole disappeared into the device under it. One of the people I was with was telling the other that if he had played a certain Final Fantasy game then he'd know about the part where you'd find an important artifact (it appeared to be palm-sized blue glowing shard of rock) along a paved path in the middle of a park (he didn't say all of this, but I was imagining or had played the game). Somehow this was relevant to what we were doing. Afterwards we left the building and were swimming back to our submarine. But now there was one of these lumpy Chinese freighters (we had seen these before; their tops looked like loaves of bread) all up on our sub. We swam towards it anyway without a plan for how to deal with them.

This morning I dreamt about a field and a road, and down the road was a forest, and then a town, and presumably this road was infinite. I took it upon myself to extend a garden hose and a redstone wire (I assume it was made of redstone) along the road. I had more wire than hose, so I got as far as the town, dragging the wire behind me through the night, and slept there. But I was getting bored with the wire/hose stringing (I wasn't really sure why I was dragging the hose with, but at one point thought it might be able to conduct electricity and could therefore serve as the other half of the circuit) and decided to go do something else.

For something else, I ended up on an island that seemed to be made of volcanic rock and was shaped like the 3D simplex noise islands I made for omntland2. I was digging down into the lava-ey room, while a couple of other people on the island, a shirtless guy with nice looking abs and an asian lady, were off doing muggle things.

Oct. 25th, 2011

10:00 pm - Townie Walk, Old Speakers (1230)

Went on the Fall Colors trip this weekend. It was okay. The first night I dreamt that Andrea and I were on State Street and were walking to get back to my car which I had parked in some residential neighborhood to the west. The area wasn't especially realistic; it resembled downtown-Madison-like places from other dreams more than actual downtown Madison. As we were walking through the neighborhood we came across a garage sale where they were selling a set of 4 old computer speakers similar to the ones that came with our first Soundblaster card. I thought they'd be cool to have and was futzing around trying to find cash to buy them or a bag to put them in or the people running the garage sale while Andrea wanted to leave and probably didn't want me buying old speakers, anyway.

Oct. 20th, 2011

10:34 am - Transition Plan (1229)

I dreamt that Ben Dotte found me at work and said he was looking for a new Job because Widen still sucked. I decided that if he realized how and why their system was so bad then maybe he's a better programmer than when I left. I think we hired him and later we were on a beach. He was building an island a few feet out from the shore out of sand dug up from the bottom. There were other small islands further out in different directions that other people were hanging out on and eventually swimming/boating back from, citing boredom as a reason for returning.

Was hanging out on some stairs (seemingly under the red bedroom in my parents' house) overhearing a conversation between Spock and someone else. I don't remember the topic, but I remember that sitting on the stairs would have been boring without it.

Later I was up on top of the hill by the church on Flad. I was thinking about how I'd rather spend time hanging out with the actor who played Spock in the new Star Trek movie than with the girl I had a huge crush on in highschool. Thinking about Spock inspired me to fly down the hill eastward, towards Reetz. The leaves on all the trees were bright orange and yellow, and somehow this helped me float. I got a running start (and getting going fast was very difficult), jumped where the hill sloped downwards, spread my arms so that my baggy sweater caught a lot of air, and was able to not touch the ground until the bottom of the hill. I ran into a couple of people, maybe Michelle W and Heather, and was telling them about how I was able to fly down the hills. Halfway between Lewon and Wicklow, while trying to get another running start going, I started imagining (more like watching on my internal holographic TV) some kind of debate or conference before the Democratic presidential primaries in 2008. It came Obama's turn to talk, and instead of making some grandiose speech, he just complained about people thinking his campaign lacked focus (similar to the things mainstream media was saying about the OWS protesters) while lying in a white, footed bathrub.

Oct. 18th, 2011

12:30 pm - Cubic Portal Corridor, Arctic Base, Schweser LAN Party, Consecutive Garages in Country House (1228)

There was a square corridor with lots of cubic nooks and hallways coming off of it. Some of them had portals that would take you to who-knows-where, and often the who-knows-where would have other portals that would take you to other places or back to the cubic hallway, so it was very easy to get lost or lose track of people you were travelling with (and I seem to remember Aaron Hedges showing up in this one). One popular portal took you to a bridge over a river with a small town on the other side, sort of resembling where highway 12 crosses the Wisconsin into Sauk City, but with a straighter shoreline.

I am reminded me of what I think might've been the arctic base dream. There were roads through canyons that took us south to resupply stations or airports through which we could leave hidden between snowy mountains. It was very snowy and a long journey to get to them. We drove snow tractors.

I was visiting the BDS people at Schweser. The office space sort of resembled part of the hospital or the Epic campus, as it was stretched across 2 buildings with an indoor bridge between. We were hanging out in a dark office at one drinking and eating pizza and playing Minecraft. Outside the room, it seemed like the whole company was having a party. They had a wet bar.

I was living in different house with many garages next to eachother. Maybe we (me and Andrea?) were renting it. Past all the garages I found a little corner room with windows into the neighbor's field. He was walking by and said howdy. Andrea informed me that there was also an upstairs. I wanted to check it out at some point but for now was getting excited about turning the corner room into an office.

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